Meet the people behind Herald Matters!

All our contributors are professional journalists with a vision to provide readers accurate and responsible news journalism. To get in touch with our contributors, please use the information provided, or use our website contact form.

Melinda is our senior analyst with years of experience in media and business ventures. She started her blog about business/finance back in 2016. Since then, she joined various multimedia websites as a contributor and an editor. Today, she is a full-time contributor to Herald Matters.
Grace is a mom, an entrepreneur, and a social activist who fights for equality and human rights. She is a professional journalism graduate from the University of Minnesota, and since then, have joined multiple news/media publication to share and spread free and essential news headlines to every individual.
Loretta received her degree in journalism from the University of Sheffield in London. She moved to New York in pursuit of greater accomplishment. She started her blog back in 2015, tackling lifestyle and fitness. She then joined other news/media publications to develop her expertise and to contribute to society. She is now a full-time contributor to Herald Matters.
Jennie is a mass communication graduate major in professional journalism at Virginia Commonwealth University. She started her online career back in 2015. Mostly, Jennie takes on healthcare issues that deemed necessary to every individual's welfare. She aims not only to educate but also contribute to the knowledge of global readers with regards to current issues.
Ross is a finance and tech specialist from Arizona. He was once a local strategist, especially for start-up companies. He received his degree in journalism from New York University major in Broadcast Journalism. His journalism career took off after joining a respected media publication. Today, he joins Herald Matters to circulate and produce compelling and trustworthy news stories.