kamala Harris Reinforced 2008 San Francisco Policy That Announced Interrupted Undocumented Juveniles To ICE


Kamala Harris backed a city strategy that needed law imposition to confer undocumented juvenile migrants to federal immigration authorities if they were captured and conjectured of perpetrating an atrocity notwithstanding if they were literally sentenced of a crime.

Harris, who was San Francisco’s district attorney from 2004 to 2011, supported then-Mayor Gavin Newsom in a political battle over San Francisco’s ranking as a sanctuary city that divided the city’s municipal government with the Mayor’s office siding the policy and city’s appointed board of supervisors rivaling it.

Harris’ former situation could make her a prey for the assaults from immigration activists as well as the more developing wing of the party as she solicits the Democratic nomination in 2020. The battle over the San Francisco policy was enveloped extensively at the time, but Harris’ role has not been heedfully examined since she infiltrated the national focus. KFile investigated her situation in the course of her evidence on immigration.

Harris campaign spokesman Ian Sams said that the policy was meant to safeguard the sanctuary status of San Francisco and to guarantee local police, who required possessing robust relationship with the communities they perform despite of immigration status, were not required to function as immigration agents which are the authority of the federal government. To see in retrospective the application of policy could have been done on a fair manner. Since triumphing the elections to the US Senate in 2016, Harris has entrenched herself as a proponent for undocumented migrants.