Drive Clean, Texas Urges Drivers To Make Clean Air A Point Of Pride

Harmful Vehicle Emissions Harm Texas Air

Texas Department of Transportation’s Drive Clean campaign is asking Texan drivers to protect the air by doing their part in reducing harmful vehicle emissions. The campaign aims to protect the state’s air quality by asking drivers to follow some tips.

Ozone pollution decreased by 29 percent from 2000 to 2014 in the state. Nevertheless, Environmental Protection Agency says that vehicle emissions are making up half of all air pollution in some areas of the state. Hence, summertime ozone levels remain a big concern.

Drive clean Texas wants motorists to take pride in keeping Texas air clean during the hottest time of the year. During summertime, slow wind speeds and hot, sunny days create conditions where harmful ground-level ozone can form — aided by vehicle emissions.

Under standards set in the Clean Air Act, Houston/Galveston, Dallas/Fort Worth and El Paso — do not meet federal clean air standards, and Austin, San Antonio, Victoria, Tyler/Longview, Beaumont/Port Arthur and Corpus Christi — are at risk of exceeding healthy levels of air pollutants. Contaminated air from these areas travels across the state, so it’s necessary for all drivers to participate in reducing vehicle emissions, especially during summertime.

The campaign released a few tips for Texan drivers to follow, including keeping vehicles well-maintained and inflating tires to recommended air pressure levels. Also by tightly sealing the gas cap and obeying speed limits. Furthermore, the campaign wants drivers to avoid some common bad practices that contribute to harmful vehicle emissions, including overfilling the tank, idling the vehicle for extended periods of time, and aggressive driving with rapid starts and stops.

TxDOT Executive Director James Bass said, “As Texans, we take tremendous pride in our state — its history, unique cultures and wide open spaces.” “Some might say we live and breathe Texas. Drive Clean Texas is asking drivers to protect the air we value so much by doing their part to reduce the harmful vehicle emissions that are released into our beautiful Texas skies.”

The campaign will also offer statewide Live & Breath Texas Road Tour which will make stops in Texas cities throughout summer. The tour will provide a game, a fun, interactive way to learn about reducing harmful vehicle emissions. Each time a participant selects the wrong answer, a puff of smoke — representing vehicle emissions — is released into a giant, clear-sided container encasing a sports car. Participants of the game are eligible for a $5,000 customized Texas road trip donated by iHeartMedia.

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