Society For the Protection of Unborn Children Responds To Referendum Result

“Abortion Never” Campaign Leaflets

May 26, 2018, The Republic of Ireland has voted to repeal the Eighth Amendment or abortion ban by 66.4% to 33.6%. The Referendum on Friday resulted in a landslide “yes” to the repeal side, enabling legislation to allow women to have an abortion. While many are delighted with the referendum result, the Society For the Protection of Unborn Children reacts differently.

The only constituency that voted against repealing the Eighth Amendment is the “rural and religiously conservative” Donegal, with 51.9% voting against the overturn. The Declaration was announced at Dublin Castle.

“Today is a historic day for Ireland,” Ireland Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said at a press conference. “A quiet revolution has taken place, and today is a great act of democracy,” he added.

However, the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children is disappointed with the referendum result. The spokesman of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children, Liam Gibson, said that today, “unborn Irish children have been stripped of their dignity and protections by a majority of the adult voting population.”

“This is a mark of shame for every Irish voter who, with knowledge of what has happened elsewhere, has chosen to dishonor new human life and the place of the child in his or her mother’s womb,” Gibson added.

Pat Buckley of European Life Network Ireland said that the “Yes” campaign would celebrate, but the change the result has brought will be seen through “the loss of countless Irish children killed before birth, while countless mothers mourn these children, often in silence.”

“In opposing repeal, the Irish pro-life movement can be proud of fighting a vigorous and imaginative campaign that often (if sadly not always) defended ‘hard case’ babies – who like other babies should be cherished, not offered as bargaining chips to those who would strip their rights away. There can never be social progress if we allow in a mentality which says that we are gods who decide, on our criteria, who lives and who dies.”

Buckley said that the pro-life movement is starting again now. He described the vote as a “wake-up call” to all of us to change our efforts to protect “innocent lives.”